Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

None other than our owner, boss man, Dru Steubing to Jessica Ford.
He'd been searching for the perfect ring for weeks on end. He finally found it in Dallas and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Meanwhile he put things into motion for the right time and place to "pop the question".
As a child he found a rock on the shore of the guadaulpe river that runs through his family's property and when he picked it up, it split clean in half!! He kept it at his grandmother's house for this entire time for exact purpose. He took this rock, drilled a small hole in the middle and carefully placed Jessica's engagement ring inside of it.

He later placed the rock down by the river for them to stumble upon while taking a walk one late afternoon. He'd gotten his sister Kerri to hideout near where he'd placed the "rock" in an attempt to take some photos without Jessica seeing her. It worked perfectly and they have some amazing photos as a result!

Dru & Jessica on a nature walk.

The Big Question!! Looks like she said "YES"

The Happy, Engaged, Couple!

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