Thursday, November 6, 2008

Short and Sweet

Weddings don't have to be long drawn out affairs to be special and meaningful. This Sunday afternoon ceremony and reception lasted two hours. After the ceremony guests were treated to a wonderful chocolate fountain buffet and various cupcakes. Some of the photos below were taken by Christina Bell with Fun and Fancy Chocolate Fountains - so special thanks to her!

photo by Christina Bell

Special Cake on top was used for the "cutting of the cake"

Ceremony was beautiful with all the colors in the background!

After Ceremony Photo

Bell Tower Shot

Groom waiting on his new bride to change out of her dress before they leave.
photo by Christina Bell

The bride and groom left on their personal horse into the sunset!
photo by Christina Bell

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Beautiful Colors of Fall

I have changed my favorite time of the year to the fall! Specifically the end of October and the beginning of November. Everything out here has changed colors into brilliant golds, copper, dark greens, just beautiful! The sunsets have also been fantastic, reflecting the colors of the changing season.

This bride lives in CA and brought her caterer in from Alaska! Everything went very well and I've captured a few things that I really liked about her wedding.

These champaign glasses were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the bride and bridesmaids hand frosted each one with a kit also purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The favors were hand made by the Bride's mother and her friends. Cookies are always a good choice!

Her centerpieces were various inspirational words that sat ontop of mirrors that the bride and groom purchased on a trip to Europe.

An example of the sunsets I mentioned!