Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

I have been so lucky in that my bride's lately have been so incredibly easy going, including this Thanksgiving weekend bride! She and her family visited the ranch on several occasions, showing people the facility and trying out different decoration ideas. It was always a pleasure to visit with her.

Her photographer had great ideas for pictures and used the facility in ways I had never seen before. Like this one (the photographer was outside taking the shot in - I am on the inside)

Another example is this one. The bride and groom wanted to follow the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. So the groom stood outside with his back against the door while the bride got into position on the other side. Then they just reached around and held each other's hand. It was so precious!
Photo of their head table.

Guest tables

After the traditional first dances the bride and all her bridesmaids performed a chorigraphed dance to I belive it was Thriller by Michael Jackson. It was a huge crowd pleaser.

November 22, 2008

This bride was alot of fun. She took everything in stride and had a great time at her wedding! Her color theme was black, red and white. Sorry for the dark photos as they were taken during the reception.

Pictures in coordinating frames of the couple were placed on the sign in table.
Always one of my favorite ideas.

Red square candles on a imprinted black designed plate with red rose petals and votives were on each table. Simple centerpieces made a very bold statement.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its getting Colder!

November 15th, 2008's bride was among the first brides to book at the Marquardt Ranch. It is a little sad to be done with her wedding since we'd been planning it with her for so long. Her guests partied with them from 7pm when dinner was over until 1am! They had two bars outside on the patio who were later joined by a taco vendor who cooked taco's on site serving as a midnight snack!

This Bride choose to tie tope colored sashes on her reception tables. This is a great alternative tie which added a modern touch to the classic looking facility.

She had orded special colored napkins and hand made the napkin rings.

Photo of the room.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Short and Sweet

Weddings don't have to be long drawn out affairs to be special and meaningful. This Sunday afternoon ceremony and reception lasted two hours. After the ceremony guests were treated to a wonderful chocolate fountain buffet and various cupcakes. Some of the photos below were taken by Christina Bell with Fun and Fancy Chocolate Fountains - so special thanks to her!

photo by Christina Bell

Special Cake on top was used for the "cutting of the cake"

Ceremony was beautiful with all the colors in the background!

After Ceremony Photo

Bell Tower Shot

Groom waiting on his new bride to change out of her dress before they leave.
photo by Christina Bell

The bride and groom left on their personal horse into the sunset!
photo by Christina Bell

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Beautiful Colors of Fall

I have changed my favorite time of the year to the fall! Specifically the end of October and the beginning of November. Everything out here has changed colors into brilliant golds, copper, dark greens, just beautiful! The sunsets have also been fantastic, reflecting the colors of the changing season.

This bride lives in CA and brought her caterer in from Alaska! Everything went very well and I've captured a few things that I really liked about her wedding.

These champaign glasses were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the bride and bridesmaids hand frosted each one with a kit also purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The favors were hand made by the Bride's mother and her friends. Cookies are always a good choice!

Her centerpieces were various inspirational words that sat ontop of mirrors that the bride and groom purchased on a trip to Europe.

An example of the sunsets I mentioned!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Last of October Events

We here at the Marquardt love each and every wedding that takes place here. We had been especially looking forward to this wedding however, because the bride and groom hired a well known Texas Country Music singer - Gary P. Nunn. We had to keep it under wraps tightly because we were concerned that uninvited guests would crash their wedding just to enjoy a free concert. Over the last year we had been able to get to know this couple pretty well and we'll miss them. We wish them the best of luck in their new lives together!

Two round tables connected with a 4ft sweetheart table made up the head table which sat right infront of the band. This table was later removed for more dancing room - they needed all the room they could get. The dance floor was packed!

I thought this was a really unique gift idea. It really fit their personalities!

View of the band from above.

Just had to get a picture of him.

The band stayed around at the end of the night to sign autographs and talk to the guests. Two guests actually got to come up on stage and sing with Gary. The whole night was a lot of fun!

Three for Three

I wasn't able to get any photos of our second wedding this weekend so here is Sunday's Wedding.

This couple were totally made for each other. They were so nice to work with and never even had a stressed out moment (at least that I saw) =). They were a lot of fun, adventurous and took some really amazing pictures - especially on the bell towers. I was busy assisting them up there so I did not get any of those shots. We'll just have to wait for the photographer's images. =( I did get a few of her table decorations and unique ceremony structure.

Special guests were given little vases of wheat with their name listed in the window area. These were then used to "stake out" their seat at the reception before the ceremony began

The groom and the father of the bride built this ceremony structure together. It was a great idea and good time spent bonding before the ceremony. They were married in front of it and moved inside to light the unity candle. Note to brides - ALWAYS use taper candles for unity candle ceremonies. They used pillar candles and the bride got hot wax all over her hand, and almost lit her veil on fire while trying to light their main candle.

Three Wedding Weekend

First of the three events took place on Friday. Pumpkins and Hay Bales were the theme of this wedding and the bride did a great job of putting the idea together. This is a view of the front doors to the facility. A similar set up was also done at the ceremony site.

This bride also choose to use silk flowers for her cake and bouquets. Each bridesmaid had a color bouquet that you see on the cake. The bride's flowers was a mixture of all 5 colors.

The happy couple right after the ceremony.

Fall is Here

This bride and groom currently live in California. Several of her vendors were brought in from out of town to help her with her wedding. Her photographer, violinist, guitarist and soloist all came from CA and her wedding coordinator came in from Dallas. She had an extremely unique table runner idea which could be repeated in many different colors to get different effects.

She choose to do red linens with cream lace runners and yellow, orange and red flowers. This fit the season very well and complimented the look of the facility.

Outside centerpieces were the brides idea as well and they put these together with a candle in the middle surrounded by 5 other votive candles.

Sheppard's Hooks are becoming very very popular lately. They look great and dont' take alot of effort to customize and fit your color themes.
Low sheppard's hooks lined the entire walk way from the building to the ceremony area. They offered great color against the green lawn.

New Designs

This bride had booked with us before we were even half way through construction in early 2007. She was a local bride and everyone in town seemed to know her and her family. Her brother is actually a police officer who frequently does security for us. It was a very busy day with about 250 guests. Despite the threat of rain her day was absolutely perfect. I was only able to get a couple of shots, but enjoy!

The brides mother hand made all 25 centerpiences with silk flowers. It took her about 6 months to complete them all. She was very well organized and it helped the decoration process a lot!

The cake table was placed in the middle of the room so it could be the focal point. After the bride and groom cut it, it was moved out of the way and that area became the dance floor. Certainly a first for us!

Southern Living

I clearly remember when this bride booked with us a year ago. Our October dates were filling up fast and other people were interested in the date she was too. She was able decide quickly and we were fortunate enough to book her as one of our brides!

Since we'd already had our Martha Stewart Bride, we decided to dub this bride our Southern Living Bride. She got her inspiration from Southern Living Magazines and actually ordered her centerpiences from their magazine. She had four different centerpieces - three of which were made of wroght iron. Her colors were fall themed and she carried that theme through out her entire event very well!
Below are some pictures I was able to capture of her event.

Orange roses added elegance and bursts of color.

The bride put together hand made notes and reserved signs to fit her theme. Instead of a traditional sign in book, guests were asked to leave the bride and groom a note on special paper slips with colorful markers.

Overview of her sign in table. Photos of the couple and from her bridal shoot are always good ideas for your sign in table area.

The bride made origami roses to adorn her cake.

The Grooms cake was four Chocolate Sunday Surprise cheese cakes. He is an avid duck hunter so that was the theme of this table.

Origami paper was wrapped into cones and filled with rose petals. These were given to guests as they lined up outside to wish the bride and groom farewell.

One of her four different centerpieces. Lots of candles and water made a perfect, romantic atmosphere in the evening.

Outside centerpieces and hanging Chinese lanterns.

These wrought iron candle holders handing from Sheppard's hooks lined the walkway in front of the building. They were beautiful and smelled like holiday spice. Keeping them lit was an impossible task - but the idea was good.