Friday, October 31, 2008

Last of October Events

We here at the Marquardt love each and every wedding that takes place here. We had been especially looking forward to this wedding however, because the bride and groom hired a well known Texas Country Music singer - Gary P. Nunn. We had to keep it under wraps tightly because we were concerned that uninvited guests would crash their wedding just to enjoy a free concert. Over the last year we had been able to get to know this couple pretty well and we'll miss them. We wish them the best of luck in their new lives together!

Two round tables connected with a 4ft sweetheart table made up the head table which sat right infront of the band. This table was later removed for more dancing room - they needed all the room they could get. The dance floor was packed!

I thought this was a really unique gift idea. It really fit their personalities!

View of the band from above.

Just had to get a picture of him.

The band stayed around at the end of the night to sign autographs and talk to the guests. Two guests actually got to come up on stage and sing with Gary. The whole night was a lot of fun!

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