Friday, October 31, 2008

Three for Three

I wasn't able to get any photos of our second wedding this weekend so here is Sunday's Wedding.

This couple were totally made for each other. They were so nice to work with and never even had a stressed out moment (at least that I saw) =). They were a lot of fun, adventurous and took some really amazing pictures - especially on the bell towers. I was busy assisting them up there so I did not get any of those shots. We'll just have to wait for the photographer's images. =( I did get a few of her table decorations and unique ceremony structure.

Special guests were given little vases of wheat with their name listed in the window area. These were then used to "stake out" their seat at the reception before the ceremony began

The groom and the father of the bride built this ceremony structure together. It was a great idea and good time spent bonding before the ceremony. They were married in front of it and moved inside to light the unity candle. Note to brides - ALWAYS use taper candles for unity candle ceremonies. They used pillar candles and the bride got hot wax all over her hand, and almost lit her veil on fire while trying to light their main candle.

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