Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

I have been so lucky in that my bride's lately have been so incredibly easy going, including this Thanksgiving weekend bride! She and her family visited the ranch on several occasions, showing people the facility and trying out different decoration ideas. It was always a pleasure to visit with her.

Her photographer had great ideas for pictures and used the facility in ways I had never seen before. Like this one (the photographer was outside taking the shot in - I am on the inside)

Another example is this one. The bride and groom wanted to follow the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. So the groom stood outside with his back against the door while the bride got into position on the other side. Then they just reached around and held each other's hand. It was so precious!
Photo of their head table.

Guest tables

After the traditional first dances the bride and all her bridesmaids performed a chorigraphed dance to I belive it was Thriller by Michael Jackson. It was a huge crowd pleaser.

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Tanis said...

I heard about the valentines dinner y'all were doing out there, and although my husband and I are both working that evening and won't be able to snag a spot, I wanted to leave a comment and say that the ranch looks absolutely amazing. After all those months of seeing the plans and drawings on the drafting table in the Boerne office to go back and look at pictures of the building and more importantly the brides and grooms and to see how happy they are and how much they obviously love the place it brings me such great joy to have been an extremely small part of the behind as this idea was born in your hearts. I hope that the ranch is evolving into everything that your family always hoped for it. What a truly beautiful place the Lord has blessed you with. I hope you have great continued success with it, and that your family is blessed in this new year.

In Him,
Tanis Jamar