Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Weddings!

I'm slowly catching up, I promise!
I loved working for Delanya and Joey. They and their whole wedding party (all 19 bridesmaids and groomsmen!!) were super easy going. Their wedding was simple - no huge bins of decorations- but very classy. The Marquardt Ranch did all of the flowers and centerpieces for her wedding. Special thanks to Francis Joseph, who shot with the photographer Arol Horkavy, for graciously sharing his photos with us. Check out his blog to see more photos from this wedding (we're currently on page 3).

Photo in the door was taken right before the ceremony began.
They didn't want to see each other but were able to get this very popular photo.
I love these because it builds up the excitement of seeing
each other in just a couple of minutes at the ceremony!

They borrowed the arbor that Shavaun's husband and father built for their wedding last October.

I normally don't post photos of the inside after the reception begins as its always the same with people in there. But check out the front doors. The sun is shinning directly in through the cross making a perfect cross all the way on the floor up to the doors!

I love this sunset. Thanks again Francis!

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Anonymous said...

Great to have your wedding over there..that sunset is so awesome..

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