Friday, August 7, 2009

A Different Eye

I sometimes love and sometimes very much dislike having a new photographer at the ranch. Some photographers need/want a lot of help getting good photos out here if they've never been here before. We're a very unique facility and there are tons of photo opportunities here. Being able to pick out the spots, do them well and quickly can be difficult.
This is one photographer didn't need my help at all! She definitely had an eye for the facility shots and for what Shalin and David were looking for. Lauren Angell with Memories by Lauren was fantastic and fun to work with! B.c the bride and groom are friends of mine, I was able to suggest some daring shots that they were more than willing to do. These are just teasers that Lauren sent, can't wait to show you more of the truly unique eye she brought to their wedding.

Right before the ceremony after she came from the bride's suite.
I love the grainy old time look to these photos.


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Anonymous said...

Obviously photographer plays an vital role..hope u had a good photographer...nice to see these pictures..

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