Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vail/Pierce Wedding

Sunday was the Vail/Pierce wedding! I didn't get a chance to meet the bride until about a month prior to her wedding because she was living in Virginia working for a senator's wife! How exciting is that?! Tabitha and her mother were very pleasant to work with. Her color theme was yellow and ivory. She kept things simple but very classy.
She had a beautiful four tier wedding cake. She also had two smaller cakes that she presented to two very special couples. Her wedding date fell on her older sister's 5 year wedding anniversary and her Aunt and Uncle's 30 year wedding anniversary. The bride and groom presented the couples with their individual cakes along with a special dance. The parasols were a very nice touch and they were fantastic for photos.
There was a threat of rain (finally) prior to her outdoor ceremony start time, but lucky for us it passed. You couldn't have ordered more perfect weather for a July wedding in Texas! Here are some photos that we took with our brand new high res. camera.
a neat filter we found on our camera!

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