Friday, April 26, 2013

Hot New Wedding Trend?

When we received the newest edition of The Knot magazine (not the Texas edition), I was a little struck by the image on the cover. It wasn't what you typically see....

But then I remember seeing a wedding pro newletter sent out by a month ago that read

 " Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2013
    1.       Great Gatsby – The roaring 20’s GLAM theme is making a comeback! Brides are in to confetti, fireworks, casinos, beads, long tapered candles, gold, and slimmer chic. Pairing appetizers with mini cocktails are a glam and chic trend!"

Ah HA! The cover photo makes complete sense now. However I was still skeptical that it was a new trend that we needed to be on the watch for. At a seminar I attended last year hosted by famed floral designer J Schwankie, and he told us something that's stuck with me - The Wedding industry is not a trend setter, we're trend followers. It's very true. We see what's on the runway, in popular culture and mimic it into weddings and party planning. This trend however seems to be right on the heals of pop culture as its just begining to come out in other areas. Shortly after we received the magazine I started seeing this "Great Gatsby" theme everywhere. Most notabily with the new movie coming out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Also seen were nods to the roaring 20's fashion was seen on the latest episode of Smash on ABC.
 Ralph Lauren 2012 Spring Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.
So how would this look as a wedding theme? Well there are LOTS of inspiration photos out there!
Vintage head peices
Lots of ivory, champagne and gold inspired decor.
Beading is a must,
and the return of high fashion for men's wedding attire.
Now the biggest question of them all,
will or how would you incorporate this theme in your wedding?

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