Friday, September 17, 2010

Begining of Fall Weddings

I am severely over due on an update!!! Its been a busy time around here and we are all finally coming up for air, just to dive back into it next month.

Last weekend began our fall weddings. Gina had clear visions of how she wanted her wedding to look and I couldn't have been more thrilled with her color choices. We did all of her arrangements which consisted of a variety of orange flowers with a hint of chocolate and ivory roses. Everything looked so beautiful, especially Gina!

Special thanks again goes out to Mark Thomas Photography for sharing his perfect photos and the amazingly fast turn around time on them!!

As a side note: as a coordinator nothing bothers me more than having the perfect first kiss photograph be ruined by the minister standing behind them! This minister is so well hidden that the only way you can tell she's behind them is the little teal blue that looks slightly out of place! WAY TO GO minister and to Mark for having the right angle for the shot.

Congrats David & Gina Sept. 11, 2010!

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