Friday, January 8, 2010

On The Coldest Day

I was contacted by a future bride earlier this week regarding the facility and available dates. They really wanted July 4th 2010, but they weren't officially engaged yet. Cris didn't want to do things out of order, get her hopes up, etc, by booking a facility before receiving a ring. Understandable.

Her future fiance, Chad, then contacted me and explained that he is proposing as soon as the ring is finished being made at Bull Green Jewelery. They made an appointment to come and visit the facility today to just "look". Chad emailed me this morning, the ring was finished. So we put together a plan to for them to go down to the river where Cris' father was baptized, and there is where Chad proposed!! I hid in the trees on the edge of the bluff and snapped a couple photos for them to take home and share.

So on the coldest day in Boerne in a very long while, a local couple were engaged at the same place as their coming wedding!

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kate chapman said...

yay! yay! yay! i love both of these peeps and am so excited for them! sweet people. sweet story. sweet location. ;)