Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's in a Name?

This bride and her mom were great to work with! The bride had a built in theme that they wanted to incorporate but it was tricky. Her groom's last name is Peacock, but including that color and theme could turn out looking like a circus! I know, I had a similar color scheme! We were able to add touches here and there for a very subtle look and it turned out great! Josh Fowler of TiMachine Photography was very kind (and quick) to share photos with us so we could share them with you! They are a great company and we certainly look forward to working with them again!

the bride's bouquet with bridesmaids in the background, in their containers waiting to be picked up by their owners =)

The fan/programs on the patio just before guests head down to the ceremony area.

Dashing groom with groomsmen in the field across from the ranch.
Bride and Bridesmaids on the bluff striking a pose.

Picture Perfect Couple!

Photo taken from the Bell tower. Sashes make a big difference on the chairs!

First Kiss.

Bride and Groom together in the field. A little "alone" time.

First Dance.

Groom tossing the garter!
The photographer provided a "photo booth" with tons of fun props! Its was a BIG hit!

Big send off. The Groom's face is priceless!

And this is what he was gawking at =).

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