Monday, March 16, 2009

Night Wedding

Another three wedding weekend under our belt (March 6th ,7th ,8th)!! The first wedding was with Carla and Robbie who were great to work with. Their vision was to have a wedding outside, AT NIGHT. My initial reaction at our Month of Meeting was basically massive internal panic. But they continued talking about how they planned to light up the area with big lights which they'd already hired. I was still skeptical but this is what my couple wanted, I was going to help as much as I could to make it happen. The day came around, the lighting crew showed up and as the sun set this is what we saw. Please excuse the bad quality of these photos... my camera is not equipped to take pictures at night.

View from Bell Tower

Zoomed in View from Bell Tower

It turned out beautifully!
I would highly recommend this to any couple looking to have an evening ceremony. You just have to take your day time couple pictures before the wedding or the next day.

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